THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JEWELRY EVALUATION(IIJE)was incorporated in Hong Kong on 25 October 2013. The institute(IIJE) is registered by the international gem accreditation body alliance, the world jewelry organization alliance, and the global art trading platform certification center. Due to the participation of the above institutions and professionals, IIJE has the qualification to evaluate the value of jewelry, jade and other works of art.. The institute strives to become a self-regulatory organization with authority and credibility.

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JEWELRY EVALUATION is a professional institution that provides asset appraisal consulting services to clients.

Evaluation principles

The asset value evaluation of the subject matter always follows the principles of independent, objective, scientific, realistic, impartial and fair evaluation.

Evaluation procedure

The subject matter adopts the following evaluation procedures and steps.
(A) The client shall provide the object of the evaluation and the relevant real information, indicating the purpose of the evaluation.
(B) The appraisers observe and study the subject matter of the appraisal.
(C) Theevaluators throughmarket research, inquiry, collect and consult the relevant typical evaluation examples and other reference materials, and then determine the estimation method.
(D) The evaluators to assess the comparison, to determine the final evaluation conclusion.
(E) Issue an effective evaluation and consultation report.

Research area

Evaluation of Jewellery Valua ; Cultural Transmission; Teaching Activities.

contact us

Address:Unit 17 ,on the 9/F of tower A, Mandarin Plaza NO.14 ,Science Museum Rd ,Kowloon Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Tel:(+852)27935511

Institutional members

Chief leader: Chen Gang

Technical director: yang song

Head of business department: kang Hao

Head of external department: Yu Haibo

Expert supervisor: Zhao guangzan

Legal adviser: Chen Qiang


Assessment agency statement:

We have studied the sapphire and issued this evaluation report on the basis of independence,objectivity and impartiality.

The analysis, judgments and conclusions contained therein are limited by the assumptions and conditions contained in the report.

Be sure to provide the necessary information and ensure the authenticity and integrity of the information provided.

Proper used place of the assessment report is the responsibility of the client and the relevant parties.

The final interpretation right of this appraisal report shall be the appraisal institution that issued the report.